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Why are we here?

Dee Symons, our founder had been going to the Gambia for over 38 years (over 100 trips in all).  During this time she helped Gambian people in many ways in the fields of education & health, personally running bush clinics and organising sponsorship for school pupils.  About 20 years ago she came into contact with Peter Oliver, now our Chair of Trustees, after five years of continually being told "Until you have been out there you will not understand", he made the mistake of taking a trip to the Gambia.  Here he found out that Dee Symons had been telling him the truth all the time and he decided to help in her personal crusade.  The official charity Harmony Gambia was registered in the UK in January 2009 with the registered No. 1127623.  Any person that is interested in visiting the Gambia and seeing the real country and people, not just the tourist side, is invited to contact us and we will do our best to help.  Just remember that your life may not be the same when you return.

Unfortunately Dee passed away last year but she will be remembered with great affection by all her friends in the Gambia and we will carry on her work as long as we can.


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