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At the start of March 2014 we have 24 students sponsored. Education is seen by the Gambians as the only real way out of the poverty that they find themselves in.  Although the cost of schooling is very little to westerners eyes to a Gambian it is a very large outlay from their earnings.  To help in this we organise sponsorship mainly for the children of Makumbaya Lower Basic School.  To sponsor a child in this school costs 40 per year.  This sum includes Books, Uniform and Tuition.  Any sponsor through Harmony Gambia is guaranteed that the money that they donate will go to one named child and that that child will contact them by post at least once a term with details of their scholastic progress after each assesment/exam.  Sponsorship must be seen as an ongoing commitment as once a child has been sponsored it is very hard for this to be taken away.  All of the children and their families know the conditions of sponsorship which include, a letter to the sponsor every term, regular attendance for lessons and a complete ban on contacting sponsors for extra money.  Penpal type letters are fine but if the family need any extra help they must aproach the charity via our representative in the Gambia.



Standard Classroom

The school has a brand new kitchen, built a year ago, that has never been used due to the government changing their school food policy.  We would love to get an ongoing sponsor to support this so that 660 children could be given a hot meal every school day.
We are aware that this is expensive but anybody interested could contact us and, we feel, be very surprised at how cheap it seems in western terms.  3500 would pay for all the rice, peas & oil that this kitchen would use for a full year ! !


The Kitchen
Built by The World Bank but unused after a year.

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