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The Print Shop Project

When we visited the Gambia in 2016 we were very aware of the fact that if anything happened to us the whole charity would close down and there would be great hardships on the Gambian people that rely on us.  It was therefore very important that we set up some sort of project that would carry on if the charity ran into problems and would be able to help continue the work already set up.  During our first meeting with the Link Committee it was obvious that this had already occurred to them and they had several plans to set up a major project to cover all eventualities.  One of these was to set up a Print Shop that would take orders from schools to print the various forms that they need for their administration .  The demand was reckoned to be very high and the existing printers seemed to be very lax in their supply.

This whole scheme seemed to be too expensive for the charity, but, after a lot of research on the web a fully reconditioned commercial printer as obtained and shipped out.  The set up seemed to take very little time and they were in production before we knew it. 

At the same time elections for their national president were taking place and, to everyones surprise, a new president was elected.  The print shop printed out a calendar with the new presidents picture with all his cabinet on it and this made good sales to a rejoicing population. 

This project has been so successful that we have sent out another reconditioned printer to keep them going if the first one breaks down.

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