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Makumbaya Scout Group.

At the Makumbaya School we found that they had formed a Scout Group.  They paraded for us and it was evident that they had absolutely no equipment or uniforms.  This did not affect their enthusiasm in the slightest and we decided to try to help them.
Back home this was picked up by our local  group, the 3rd Torbay Beaver & Cub Scouts and they donated equipment in 2012.  This year they had raised money and provided Scarves, Woggles, (if you do not know what a woggle is then you have never been a scout), and good quality grey Tee shirts with the scout badge printed on the front and   "Makumbaya Scout Group" on the back.
These were presented during our visit this February and we were amazed at the progress the group has  made in the last two years.  They put on a drill parade for us which had to be repeated with the new uniforms on after the presentation.


Making the Scout Promise


New Uniform worn with pride

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